Following Elizabeth’s delight in telling Kathy about Kenton’s one night stand, Kathy throws him out.

Radio Times: There’s an unpleasant encounter in store for Kenton and Nigel’s well-laid plans are thrown into disarray.

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  • Kathy does her usual trick of telling everyone in Ambridge how badly treated she has been by Kenton. She is still taking Jamie to the cricket and realises he will blame her for the break up with Kenton when he finds out. Poor dear, she is blamed for everything at the moment.
  • Alan asks Fallon if they can hold the Harvest Supper in the Bull. Fallon is thrilled by the idea. Even Jolene seems pleased. It will have the place buzzing and they will get customers in from the other parishes.
  • Bert has done a very good job of ploughing the allotments. Everything seems to be going well at Lower Loxley. Freddie seems a little less cooperative though. Still, Nigel seems to be managing to keep secret his plans for their anniversary.
  • Kenton bumps into Kathy in the shop not knowing she “knows” about the one night stand. But she makes it clear she wants him out of April Cottage. Then she flies off the handle and throws it in his face. Kenton gives up and just decides to get his stuff. Kenton is furious with Nigel but then it dawns on him that it was Nigel telling Elizabeth that caused Kathy to find out. Elizabeth tries to excuse herself but even Nigel is furious – though of course he lets her off. But it does mean Nigel knows Kenton will never trust him again.

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