Christopher gets kitted out for skiing. David buries himself deeper into his ‘project’.

Radio Times: Christopher gets a makeover.

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  • Christopher needs to go shopping for ski clothes, or rather for après ski clothes. How does he know this? Because his socially aspirational mother has told him so. Neil is more realistic: it’s a teenage romance that will soon fizzle out.
  • Mike has called at Brookfield to see the tractor and has got roped in to help. He is keen to fulfil his grand-daughter’s wish to have a maypole in the village. Lynda is keen too, so Mike would like David on-side when she brings it up at the Parish Council. Just when they are about to take a wheel off, a curious Neil looks in as well; good timing!
  • Christopher is not best pleased to have his mother tagging along on his shopping trip but, embarrassing though it is, she is not easily shaken off – and she insists on paying.
  • Bent over the tractor, the subject of nets at Edgbaston this week is raised. Mike volunteers that Roy will not be there but then has trouble keeping the confidence about where Roy and Hayley will be that day. Mike is envious of David’s project; out in the workshop is where David reckons to do his best thinking.
  • Neil is amazed that there is anything left in Felpersham and that Christopher can afford it. When the truth is revealed he forbids Susan to spend another penny on this foolishness; she is happy to agree, having bought everything she thinks Christopher needs.
  • Tractor restoration is good for the appetite and Bert expects that David will be ready to spend the evening with Ruth. But no, he plans to scour the internet for some new parts – even if it takes him all night!

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