Susan is determined that Christopher should have an opening into a new world.

Radio Times: Neil lays down the law for Susan.

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  • Hayley is very excited about Roy’s present for his birthday. But less impressed at how wound up Phoebe is about Kate being pregnant. Hayley is also getting herself worked up about the laparoscopy but Mike is a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing.
  • Roy is thrilled with his presents, although he is a bit shocked by the cost. He has a great day though.
  • Neil is getting fed up with the cost of the dry ski lessons for Christopher. All Susan is interested in is appearances and she can’t understand why Neil thinks she has time for fundraising for cricket. She has wider horizons.
  • Neil finally lays down the line to Susan. Christopher and Netia are just interested in getting an empty chalet. Skiing lessons he’ll never use again is just a waste of money. Susan thinks he is on the up – not like Emma as a part time cleaner. Christopher can have a lift up into a different world and she’s not going to let his chance slip away.

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