Christopher’s party is more alcoholic than Neil and Mike intended.

Radio Times: Party time at Willow Farm.

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  • Neil and Susan are inspecting the house, which is coming on rapidly, when Lynda arrives with a mid-summer cushion to nail to their doorframe; it’s a custom that the Carters have never heard of. Christopher is having his party tonight but Emma won’t be staying, not after she has washed her teddy: without even asking to borrow him, Christopher had parachuted him into the pig slurry.
  • Ed is disappointed that Emma is not going to stay for the party; he declares that she is boring now. Emma predicts that she will not be boring next week on her hen night; Felpersham won’t know what has hit it.
  • Mike and Neil took the precaution of confiscating the beer, leaving just (they think) cider and low alcohol lager. Even so, several partygoers are looking wobbly; Alice’s Ukranian friend certainly is. Lynda chooses this moment to put in another appearance because she has seen the house silhouetted against the fire and straight away has decided to include a sequence of building shots in her video, even though the relevance to the Cat & Fiddle is lost on all but Lynda.
  • Ed and Christopher have taken refuge in the caravan, both feeling rather unwell. When Brian turns up looking for Alice, he is directed to the back of the coal shed, where she was last seen snogging Dimitro. She has five minutes to say her fond farewells.
  • It’s not often that Neil agrees with Lynda but he tells the assembled adults that he thinks her present is just what is needed to mark the start of their new life at Willow Farm – where’s the hammer?

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