Emma and Ed enjoy an afternoon together in Ed’s car.

Radio Times: Ed puts his foot down.

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  • Eddie is now able to look forward to attending William’s wedding but is more than a little concerned about being able to pay his way as well as paying the fine. Right now his priority is a special, meat-cleaver-wielding gnome as a present for Maurice Houghton. (What a nice thought!) He is not selling many gnomes at present anyway. Ed has succeeded in getting his car going and worries his mother by his enthusiastic acceleration.
  • At the Carter building site, Neil’s mind is on several damaged panels; having a crane on site might have avoided such problems but at an even higher cost. Phoebe’s yoghurt all over his plans doesn’t help either.
  • Emma is preoccupied with her hen night this week but she can still be persuaded to go for a spin in Ed’s car. It turns into a rather longer trip than intended and Ed had to borrow some petrol money. He will be able to repay Emma next week because he will than have been paid for looking after Grange Farm this week while Oliver is away. Ed tells her that she comes alive when she is with him but Emma resists his advances in favour of getting Will’s tea.

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