On a flying visit, for the Royal, Debbie declares her wish to come home.

Radio Times: A lovely surprise at the Royal Show.

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  • At the Royal, strawberry sales are doing well; Ruth is impressed that Adam is talking to a supermarket buyer.
  • David is drooling over the latest in tractors and trying to persuade Sam that Phil is more than capable of holding the fort.
  • Adam is surprised to bump into his sister; it was a late decision but her French employer has sent her over. She has heard about Alice’s romance and Adam’s but for Debbie herself there is nothing serious.
  • Sam can’t wait to start building up the herd, although in choosing the stock they need to decide on their priorities. They have time for another look; Ruth is not in a hurry to get back for her salsa class.
  • Over lunch with her mother, Debbie reveals the real reason for the visit: she is not angry any more and sees things from a different perspective, so she wants to come back. Jennifer is thrilled. Alice and Brian will be thrilled. (Adam might not be quite so thrilled.) How soon can she come back?

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