Lilian is let down by Matt and, appreciative of his birthday gesture, helps Eddie out.

Radio Times: Lilian’s birthday blues.

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  • Brian is keeping an eye on William and is pleased to find everything in order. Of course, William must go to the Game Fair to keep in touch but Brian does not think it necessary to trouble Matt Crawford with such details.
  • At the end of a long day, Tom is cheered by the sight of Kirsty, all dressed up and ready to take him out, after which, who knows … Of course, he forgives Kirsty for standing him up last week, when Helen needed her. Having strung three sentences together with no mention of sausages, it’s time to talk about his planned new products – and a planned new car. Kirsty can come along to help choose it, Friday being her day off.
  • It’s Lilian’s birthday and Matt has stood her up because his wife has returned early. She must be desperate because wants Eddie to come down to the Bull with her instead. The hapless cleaver-carrying gnome (unwanted by Maurice Houghton) takes Lilian’s eye and Eddie makes her a present of it. In his current dire financial state this gesture is all the more appreciated and Lilian, not being short of a bob or two, makes him an offer for his entire stock. More than that, she will persuade Matt to give Eddie some work on the estate. William, excited about his forthcoming visit to the Game Fair, declares that he and Emma have never looked back since the first Game Fair they went to together – they are completely solid and he knows he is lucky to have her.

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