Helen decides to send to Sonja and Annette some of her more positive writings about Greg.

Radio Times: Helen remembers Greg.

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  • Robert has been detailed to take some video shots of Neil’s building work and knows just how to persuade Neil to cooperate: it will save Lynda coming herself later!
  • Adam has now heard about Debbie’s plan to return and is trying to ring her.
  • Susan has had some bad news: her job will end in the autumn when the incumbent returns from maternity leave. With this in mind it is hard to summon enthusiasm for Robert’s filming but when Neil explains that, if they stop, Lynda will come herself later, she is suddenly given the strength to carry on.
  • Tonight Tom and Kirsty are taking Helen out. Pat thinks it’s a small step in the right direction but she cannot understand why Tom is so tired today – perhaps he didn’t get much sleep!
  • When Debbie calls back, Adam asks why she didn’t tell him about giving up her job in France. Until a few weeks ago she was not even thinking about coming back, though she does not really explain what changed. When is she coming, mum was not clear about it? Alice can’t wait; she misses Debbie – they all do. Debbie was worried about her return making things awkward but she has sorted herself out and will pull her weight; she is really looking forward to working with Adam. He however seems to have concerns about her throwing her weight rather than pulling it.
  • Helen confides in Kirsty that she has taken her advice but has written some terrible things about Greg to get them out of her system. However, she feels that he would want her to maintain contact with the girls and she seeks Kirsty’s views on whether to send them something positive that she has written – a pleasant memory of the real Greg that will live in her heart for ever. Send it!

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