Emma is taunted with the prospect of a dull life with the wrong man and seeks Ed’s company.

Radio Times: A hen night with a difference.

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  • It’s Emma’s hen night on a river boat and much alcohol is being consumed.
  • Clarrie and Kathy catch up with the latest news as they paint the ducks for the race on the Am.
  • Hayley comes up on deck for air and Fallon and Emma join her. Fallon insists that tonight Emma has got to snog someone; don’t worry about William, it’s all bread and no jam from now on, her last time for fun before being trapped. Emma does not see it that way and Hayley weighs in with some support – marriage is great, with the right man she can face anything.
  • Meanwhile, back at the duck painting, Kathy explains her plan to persuade the school to opt out of the school meal service and do their own thing with local produce. William pops in and, in passing, confesses that he doesn’t know what Emma sees in him. Prophetic!
  • At Grange Farm, Ed is tending the cattle and gets a surprise visitor. It’s a very confused Emma who just had to see Ed, though she doesn’t really know why she has come. Ed does, and he loses no time in declaring his love for her. (Dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum …)

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