Emma repents her night of passion; Ed is determined to put William in the picture.

Radio Times: Truth will out?

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  • Too early? No. David has only hired the drill to the end of the day, so he is bent on starting; he has to break up the yard to extend the milking parlour.
  • In the cold light of day, Emma is having second thoughts. Sorry, but her night with Ed must be forgotten; it wasn’t meant to be. She was out of her head and had drunk too much; she just wanted to put things right with Ed. Now she is so screwed up about the wedding; she needs to get to work and to get her head straight, sorry. Ed wants to talk and if not here then he will come to the Dower House. No! He musn’t say anything to Will. She is only working this morning and will come back later.
  • Ruth seeks refuge from the noise in Jaxx and catches up with Nigel’s news. He is looking for a scythe; Ruth offers a mower that will do the same job. Ruth bemoans her lack of progress in salsa since Ashok started coming along with Usha. Emma brings the coffee but, mind on other things, spills it – sorry.
  • As they erect disco lights in the barn for the strawberry pickers, Adam tries to pin Brian down about Debbie’s role when she returns. It’s too early to make such decisions; let’s wait until she’s back.
  • Bless him, Ed has tried to cook lunch in anticipation of Emma’s return but he has burnt it – she is not hungry anyway. He is sorry he shouted at her this morning. Emma still feels that it wasn’t meant to happen. But it did and Ed wants them to deal with it, be straight with everyone, admit that they love each other. No. Emma still intends to marry Will, her head is clear on that now: she needed a friend and Will wouldn’t have taken advantage. Ed thinks that is unfair – she wanted to sleep with him, he loves her and she loves him. Emma is so sorry (there’s that word again!) that it all went wrong, she didn’t want to hurt Ed but this is not doing any good. Ed is adamant that William has got to be told and if Emma won’t do it, Ed will.

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