Ed’s not changing his mind.

Radio Times: Emotions run high.

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  • Emma is increasingly desperate. Ed is still threatening to tell Will that she slept with him. She rings him, but he doesn’t return the calls. Eventually she tracks him down, but he’s hurt and angry, so won’t give her the assurance she seeks. He thinks life’s so awful that it couldn’t get any worse if he did spill the beans.
  • At Grey Gables, Lynda has noticed that a Mr Rhys Jones has booked in for two nights. She also knows that Griff Rhys Jones is due to give a lecture on Thursday, so putting two and two together, she realises that he will be free when it’s her day off … Roy is noticeably unhelpful when she asks him for details.
  • The news that Debbie is coming back is unsettling Adam. While he’s very fond of her, he’s worried that it will cause difficulties if they are to work together, and Brian hasn’t given him any clues as to what he’s intending. He tries to explain this to Ian, but he just thinks Adam should be grateful for another pair of hands on the farm.

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