Sad news for Alice: her pony may have to be put down.

Radio Times: Bad news for Alice.

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  • Poor Alice is distraught. Chandler has been eating ragwort, and has liver damage. Alistair tells the Aldridges that there is little he can do, it would probably be best to put Chandler down.
  • Will’s mind is on the birds he’s rearing, which are pecking one another. George has some rather cruel remedies in mind, but Will would prefer something more up-to-date and humane. He’ll have a word with Betty, who had the same problems with the hens.
  • When Alistair calls round to talk to Eddie about the bushtucker challenge, he and Eddie eat most of the cakes Clarrie has baked for the fete. She’s philosophical about it, though. Her mind is on Ed, who’s been very miserable lately.
  • Will returns, with George, to the flat, to find a note from Emma. She needs to talk to Susan about the wedding, so has gone back to the caravan. Will comments that he’s hardly seen her recently.

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