Has Emma made a mistake?

Radio Times: Tears and fears for Emma.

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  • At Brookfield, David is giving Bert his instructions for the week. Bert goes to some lengths to make sure David understands that he is more than capable of managing Brookfield while Sam and David go to a farm sale.
  • When Susan picks Emma up from Jaxx to go for a wedding dress fitting, Emma is very edgy and unresponsive. She decides the dress is too tarty and that she looks cheap. Susan tries to reassure her, and prattles on about losing her job at the school. It’s all too much for Emma, who breaks down and sobs. As far as she’s concerned, the dress was a big mistake and a waste of money.
  • Bert and David bring a trailer load of hay over to Lower Loxley, where Nigel is establishing a wild-flower meadow. There’s some good-natured ribbing when Nigel tries – and fails – to use a pitchfork. They are joined by Oliver, who’s a bit of an expert, and the hay is soon spread ready to seed on the meadow. Meanwhile Nigel opens the beer, and the workers enjoy a rest.

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