Lynda is triumphant.

Radio Times: Restoration comedy at Grey Gables.

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  • Lynda arrives unusually early at Grey Gables, claiming to have left something. It’s soon clear that she has come to waylay Grey Gables’ famous guest. Brushing aside Roy’s efforts at protecting his guest, Lynda insists on showing Griff in to breakfast. When Roy suggests Griff might prefer to eat on his own, Lynda ignores him and tells Griff all about her Cat and Fiddle project.
  • It’s a big day for the Carters, too. The crane is arriving to install the roof trusses at the new house. Susan is still concerned about Emma.
  • Lynda’s plan is working to perfection. Robert arrives with his camera and cue cards, so that Griff is forced to read Lynda’s script and to take some very condescending instruction from her. When lookers-on appear, Lynda makes some sarcastic comments about their having no respect for others’ privacy. No, says Griff with feeling.
  • The building work at Willow Farm is interrupted by Lynda and party just as the roof trusses are lowered into place. Lynda orders them to be lifted off so that Robert can film the second attempt. In order to shut Lynda up, Neil agrees, but is affronted when he hears Griff read her script, pouring scorn on new houses. In a final effort to demonstrate her artistic know-how, Lynda offers to pay Griff’s agent. No, he says with even more feeling, the experience has been payment enough.

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