Celebrations at Brookfield as the TB tests are clear.

Radio Times: Car kudos for Tom.

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  • It’s a tense day at Brookfield, as Alistair comes to test the herd again for TB. Sam is in good spirits, though. His girlfriend is coming over, so he’s cooking for her.
  • In the shop, Helen seems to be in better spirits. She chats with Kirsty about Tom’s new car, and encourages her to go out in it and have lunch with Tom. She even takes an interest in the stock Pat brings over, but stops short of tasting any of it. When Kirsty offers to bring her a sandwich. Helen refuses.
  • One by one the cows are put through the crush and tested. After a heart-stopping moment, when it looks as though there might still be a reactor, Alistair pronounces the Brookfield herd clear at last. David opens a bottle of champagne.
  • In his search for curry spices, Sam comes into Helen’s shop and introduces himself. Later on, Helen tells Pat about him, and they enjoy a laugh together about men in general, and Tony’s glasses in particular. Helen tells her mother that she’s had an e-mail from Greg’s girls, who liked the letter she sent them. But when Pat mentions supper, Helen freezes. She claims to have had a big lunch, so isn’t hungry.

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