Lilian’s in generous mood: gnomes for all the family.

Radio Times: A night in at the Dower House.

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  • Tony calls in at Jaxx for a coffee before his optician’s appointment. Emma is concerned that he doesn’t seem able to read the menu, but she’s a lot more concerned when she gets a call on her mobile from Will, but he’s breaking up, and all she can make out is that he wants her to go round to the flat. She’s sure that Ed has spilt the beans.
  • Life at Home Farm is hectic, and Brian appears to be rather edgy with Adam, questioning his management of the fruit pickers. They are interrupted by Lilian, who has brought them one of Eddie’s retro-chic gnomes as a present. Brian is lost for words; Adam is entranced by its sheer awfulness.
  • As if one gnome wasn’t enough, Lilian brings one for Pat and Tony, too. Then she helps Tony eat the meal Helen refused the previous evening. Tony’s in grouchy mood at the greed of the opticians, who wanted to prescribe him varifocals. He’s going to carry on wearing his old ones.
  • As Adam works on at the combining, Brian seems to have recovered his temper and brings Adam a sandwich, telling him that Jenny says he’s working Adam too hard. But Adam clearly wants Brian to be convinced that he can cope with it all, before Debbie comes back.
  • A nervous Emma calls at Will’s flat. He asks her is she’s been avoiding him. No, says Emma, lamely, it’s just that she’s so busy with the wedding. When Will tells her she can forget the wedding, Emma is sure Ed’s told him the truth. But what Will means is that she’s to have a night off. He’s cooked them a meal, bought wine and flowers. He tells Emma how much he loves her. I love you, too, she says, of course I do. But it doesn’t sound terribly convincing.

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