Lilian gets her own back on Matt; Emma appears to have lost a friend.

Radio Times: There’s a challenge or two at the fête.

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  • It’s the day of the Ambridge fete, and Eddie’s Bushtucker challenge is in full swing. He can’t persuade Ed to show much interest, but Eddie himself enters into the spirit of things by devouring a plate of dog meat.
  • Ian is enjoying country pursuits, even seeing Adam slip from the greasy pole into the Am. He’s joined by the very friendly Owen from Lower Loxley. Can there be a new story-line here?
  • Lilian’s none too happy, though; she spends her afternoon looking for Matt, only to see his wife dragging him off home. But she gets her revenge when Matt’s duck wins the duck-race; Lilian pockets his winnings.
  • A tense and nervy Emma spends her afternoon looking for Ed, who isn’t returning calls. When she does catch up with him, Emma tells him that she wants them to be friends. A hurt and angry Ed tells her that he never wants to see her again.

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