It’s Jack’s Big Day but he is having difficulty remembering what’s happening.

Radio Times: Jack’s birthday gathering.

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  • It’s Jack’s 85th birthday, but he’s having difficulty remembering what’s happening. Peggy reminds him that they’re having a quiet day with the family, then on to Grey Gables with Jill, Phil, Chris and George. Even Jack’s errant daughter managed a card, but Jack has forgotten.
  • The village fete did well, and £1000 is to go to the drugs rehabilitation centre that Alan is so keen to support. The duck race made the biggest total, and it was all Jack’s idea.
  • Helen seems quite cheerful. She’s made a cake for the girls at the shop, to say thankyou for all their extra help. But when she calls round at The Lodge to wish jack a happy birthday, she refuses to eat any tea, saying that she’s been eating cake all day. Lilian comments on how peaky she looks.
  • Lilian manages to offload yet another gnome, this time a golfing one, as a present for Jack. He quite likes it, but Peggy is predictably acid. She then repairs to the Bull and Matt, but their tete-a tete is interrupted by Tony (and indeed by Eccles the Peacock). Never one to hide her feelings, Lilian tells her brother he needs to change his shirt and get some better glasses. He retorts by telling her to stop commenting on Helen’s appearance. Things are difficult enough without Lilian.

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