Hayley hears some good news about her future employment, but she needed to stand her ground.

Radio Times: Hayley makes a stand.

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  • Hayley is running children’s school holiday activities at Lower Loxley, with a somewhat critical Elizabeth in attendance. Elizabeth casually mentions that maybe Hayley will need to work split shifts in September, when the twins start school. Hayley is angry, feeling that Elizabeth hasn’t considered how this will affect her chances of finding work elsewhere to make up the money she’d lose.
  • Someone else is being critical. Brian has been listening to Alice gossiping about the fruit pickers, and implies that Adam hasn’t handled them properly. Adam, once again, goes to great lengths to remind Brian that he’s coping well with his responsibilities.
  • An upset Hayley tells Roy about Elizabeth. He’s all for the part-time idea, so they can think about having a baby. Scornfully, Hayley points out that they haven’t even got a place of their own, so a baby is out of the question. Made to be rather more sympathetic, Roy suggests that Hayley ring Elizabeth and explain how she feels.
  • Hayley’s phone call takes Elizabeth by surprise; she says she’ll talk to Nigel, and soon after, rings Hayley back with the suggestion that she might help Kathy to make up her hours. Hayley is delighted.
  • David and Adam discuss the new milking parlour. When David sings the praises of their new herdsman, Adam comments sourly that it must be nice to have someone you can trust to shoulder the workload. Later, Adam and Brian have a drink, and yet again, Adam feels the need to remind Brian that he’s coping well.

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