Pat’s asking questions out of concern that Helen is not eating.

Radio Times: Crisis for Chris in the bell tower.

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  • George’s attempts at conversation with Emma, as he has a coffee in Jaxx, are in vain. She doesn’t seem keen to discuss the wedding arrangements, and is absent-minded, but cheers up a bit when she sees the rose petals that Pat has been collecting for her.
  • It’s a big day for Christopher as the Ambridge bell-ringers attempt a Steadman Triple ring. It goes well until George’s rope snaps, and they have to call it a day. But another crisis looms; will they be able to afford a new rope in time for Emma’s wedding? The resourceful Neil thinks he might be able to borrow one.
  • Pat has discovered that Helen didn’t have lunch with Kirsty on Monday, but told Kirsty that she’s had lunch at home. Helen tries to pass it off as a misunderstanding, but Pat won’t let it go. She realises that Helen has an eating disorder, and she’s worried.
  • Emma meets Brenda for a drink at the Bull, and is jumpy when she realises that Ed is in the other bar.

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