Oliver tackles a problem by planning a trip abroad for Ed, to miss Will and Emma’s wedding.

Radio Times: Ed comes clean.

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  • Oliver’s having a hard time of it working with Ed, whose mind is far away from the job, and who barely says a word. When Oliver says Ed can always talk to him, Ed pours out his heart. He’s still convinced that Emma loves him, and the only reason she’s marrying Will is that he’s got a steady job. He’s desperate about the wedding; he can’t face going, let alone being Best Man.
  • For once it’s not pizza at Brookfield, but omelettes. Sam has heard about a farm stock sale in Cheshire. David can’t take the time off, but suggests that Ruth should go with Sam and buy some cows. Ruth’s keen on that idea, but has dropped out of her Salsa classes, because she no longer has a partner now that Usha and Ashok are a couple. David does not take the hint.
  • George arrives for a closer look at Neil’s self-build at Willow Farm, and is impressed by Neil’s new shed. It’s meant to be an office for Neil, but Christopher has decided he’ll sleep there. Both Neil and George have come up with stunningly uninventive ideas for the bell-rope fundraising; a sponsored ring round all the local towers, and a Beetle Drive in the Village Hall. Christopher is to design a sponsor form on his computer, and Neil thinks they might even produce a poster. Is Ambridge ready for such innovation?
  • Oliver tells Caroline about Ed. She’s much more cynical than Oliver, and wonders if it isn’t all adolescent fantasy. Oliver is concerned that it might wind up with a major scene in church, and wants to get Ed away from Ambridge to let things cool and to give Will and Emma time to make arrangements for another Best Man. The only problem is that Ed is still on probation, but Oliver decides to ring his contacts and try to get Ed some work in Hungary. Desperate times require desperate measures.

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