A worrying moment for Matt, fearing a confrontation between wife and mistress.

Radio Times: Rebellion in the polytunnels.

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  • Adam’s having a difficult day on the farm. His fruit pickers stage a walk-out because Andrei has been put in charge. Brian is short with Adam (again) because he needs Adam elsewhere, and Adam insists on staying to sort his labour problems out.
  • At the Game Fair, Emma is still uptight about recent events, but manages to enjoy her day out with Will, especially when they meet Matt Crawford, who is charm itself. Will is worried that Matt will accuse him of skiving, but instead, Matt invites them to lunch in the members’ tent and insists that they call him Matt. When Kirsty sees Matt, she puts both feet in it by asking if he’s there with Lilian. A worried Matt wonders if she’s really there, trying to make trouble.
  • Adam tells Brian that he can’t leave Andrei in charge; he’ll have to be there himself. Brian sees this as further evidence of Adam’s unreliability, and suggests getting Eddie in to help. A diplomatic Jennifer says brightly that everything will be fine next week, when Debbie comes back.

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