Debbie returns; Brian’s remarks show that he regards her as more capable than her brother.

Radio Times: Bienvenue, Debbie.

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  • Susan is getting desperate about her quest for a wedding outfit but any hopes of a shopping trip with Emma are quickly dashed: Emma is holding the fort at Jaxx and has so much to do, she cannot take time off. In fact, while Kenton is away she is staying in his flat so as to be on the spot; she does not seem at all put out that this will keep her apart from Will.
  • Jennifer is so excited about Debbie’s return and, because the cottages are all booked for the summer, she will have the chance to spoil her prodigal daughter. Brian and Debbie exchange greetings in a rather tentative way.
  • Eddie and Ed are having a fitting for their hired wedding suits and Eddie seems to think that Susan should not see the outfits before the wedding. (What planet is he on?)
  • Lilian is at a loose end because Matt is devoting his attention to his wife and is planning to go to Scotland for the Glorious Twelfth; Lilian thinks she will take up shooting. Sadly the gnome she gave Jennifer has been caught by the mower and fell to pieces, though it was not revealed how many goes it took!
  • Eddie has discovered the awful truth about how much it will cost to hire the suits but Ed is not very receptive to his concerns – he is deep in his own thoughts.
  • Back at Home Farm, Debbie decides on an early night so as to start bright and early in the morning. Brian is delighted that she is keen to get down to work and relieved that he will have someone about who knows what they are doing. At this cutting remark Jennifer jumps to Adam’s defence but Brian is dismissive – just one big happy family!

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