Ed gives some serious thought to a few months in Hungary.

Radio Times: Oliver makes an offer.

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  • Ed is feeling no better, so Oliver advances his idea about going to Hungary for a while. If Ed is interested, he will need to talk to his probation officer. If he is worried about the fare, Caroline (Oliver had to tell her) can fix him up with some cheap flights. It’s not a solution but it is an option.
  • At Brookfield the new stalls are being built but they are taking longer than hoped. Ruth will ring Brian to put back the barley harvest and predicts that it will give him another chance to tell her how wonderful it is to have Debbie back. Sam wants to discuss the sale catalogue but David puts him off – this evening they are going out, which is news to Ruth.
  • David has taken the hint after all and he is Ruth’s salsa partner for the evening – but he is not very good and Ruth may end up crippled. The dance teacher is very encouraging but soon hands him back to Ruth, 1-2-3 …
  • In The Bull, Ed wants a quiet word with Fallon, although he doesn’t want to talk about the heart of the matter. Fallon is perceptive enough to work it out anyway and encourages him to go for the Hungary idea. It seems that the probation officer can ask the court for an early discharge. His mum will be upset but he doesn’t have much choice. Why is his life such a mess?

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