Adam gets it in the neck for a slip-up; Debbie can do no wrong.

Radio Times: A good deal for Brookfield.

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  • William gets a good reception from Mr Aldridge when he explains his plans, based on last week’s Game Fair. He also gets a directive to call his boss “Brian” and a green light for a day off after his Stag Night, This is a bit of a sore point: Ed is showing no interest in organising anything. Emma has had her Hen Night already but she hasn’t said much about what they got up to (and she probably never will).
  • Ruth and Sam have bought some fine cattle, real beauties – and only a little over budget. Now Ruth is looking forward to a sit-down lunch because her feet are killing her. She explains about David’s enthusiasm for salsa and Sam is highly amused.
  • Oh dear, there’s trouble at the grain store. Debbie has phoned Adam to explain that the grain is overheating. David gets the job of breaking the news to Brian and of course it’s all Adam’s fault; he tried to be in too many places at once. It is sorted now, thanks to Debbie, but Adam’s incompetence has cost a day’s harvesting in ideal weather while they put it through the dryer again.
  • David has to admit that Ruth has a mean eye for cattle. He also is keen to demonstrate that he has been practising his salsa – in his boots. Ruth observes wistfully that she might follow his example but she tactfully steers him away from another session this Thursday; with so much on this week, they had better leave it until next week. Phew!

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