Ed breaks his news and Clarrie does her nut. The Bull wins Pub of the Year.

Radio Times: Terrific news at The Bull.

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  • When taken to task by his mother for not getting on with organising William’s Stag Night, Ed has a surprising answer – he will not be here for the wedding. He is going to Hungary next week; it’s a great opportunity.
  • Lilian is still distributing the gnomes she bought from Eddie and has found a good home for the butcher gnome – The Bull. Sid is not convinced but Jolene counsels him to humour Lilian for now and sort it out later. Eddie, reeling from a bit of bother at home, needs a whisky.
  • Clarrie loses no time in confronting Oliver. What was he thinking of, and Caroline too, Williams’ god-mother. Oliver stands his ground. Caroline did have William’s best interests at heart: if Ed could not play his part whole-heartedly then it is probably best that he is not there. Clarrie, of course, knew there was something wrong but why didn’t Ed discuss it with his parents. Sometimes the family is just too close.
  • Lilian has enlisted Eddie’s help to teach her to shoot – with an air rifle at first but she intends to graduate to clay shooting with a shotgun. Since people don’t seem to like Eddie’s gnomes, they are roped in as targets and Lilian proves she has a good eye.
  • Today’s post brings Sid and Jolene some good news: they have been awarded the accolade of South Borsetshire Pub of the Year. Sadly the presentation is on the very day Sid had planned to go to a football match but maybe Kenton can take Jamie instead. When Oliver comes in, also in need of a whisky after an “uncomfortable encounter”, it is on the house. They can look forward, they hope, to lots of visitors as long as they are not put off by that gnome.

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