Clandestine meetings for Simon and Debbie and for Tommy and Kirsty and an awkward (initially) one for Lizzie and Siobhán

Radio Times: An uncomfortable meeting for Elizabeth.

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  • Simon and Debbie meet for a drink and, despite him trying to interest her in the finer points of flat arrangement, she admits that she is pleased to see him, but it’s a busy time at the moment and she can’t promise being able to make time until harvest is finished. She is softening though and, seemingly, remembering whatever it was that drew her to him in the first place.
  • Atherton Lodge, it seems, has definitely won some previous Lower Loxley clients over, Nigel’s chatted to the PR chappie for one such firm and they’re very taken with the deal they’ve negotiated. His and Lizzie’s discussion (over a civilised game of croquet) is interrupted by Siobhán coming over for a chat. Lizzie is very sorry for her friend, who seems to be coping well and is definitely (and defiantly) planning another. Lizzie is glad that they can still talk and be friends in spite of the difficult circumstances.
  • Simon and Debbie deliberately chose a quiet pub away from the village for their afternoon tryst … and so did Tommy and Kirsty. He’s knowingly breaking his bail conditions, but isn’t worried. They seem to be getting on very well and she’s very taken, almost envious, of his case and him being in the vanguard of the anti-GM legal battles.