Unrest at Brookfield, an uncertain future at Lower Loxley and Lizzie doesn’t know how she’ll face Siobhán

Radio Times: Lower Loxley needs a new market.

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  • Alistair’s “just passing” Brookfield and it being harvest he’s having trouble getting a team together for Sunday – and David’s no help. He’s loath to ask Sid, in fact, he’s trying to avoid Sid’s who’s taking his fact-finding missions about their opposition a little too far. Does Alistair really need to know that Edgeton’s spinner is allergic to cat-hair?
  • Ruth and Phil are checking on the grain drying in their silo. Phil mentions that he’s going to do some planning for the trackways, the paths to connect the various bits of grassland that they’re using for the extended grazing. Ruth’s a little perturbed that this signifies a larger time investment than just an experiment? Phil assures her that he knows that it’s only going to be a trial year.
  • Brookfield’s facing more discontent. Ruth’s parents, orginally due for a holiday with them in late August, are coming next week instead. Obviously they’ll be staying at the house and, naturally, Ruth and David won’t be moving back to the bungalow until they’re gone. Phil’s not sure how Jill going to take the news …
  • Caroline’s at Lower Loxley for a strategy meeting about Atherton Lodge, the new hotel and conference centre near Felpersham, but Nigel is on tenterhooks waiting for Lizzie’s return. She’s an hour late thanks to the train but the clients she was wining and dining have signed, so that’s some good news. The art gallery timing might not have been wonderful if they’re about to hit the bad times but Nigel’s decided that he doesn’t really care, that there are far more important things to worry about. He tells Lizzie about Tim and Siobhán’s news and she’s shocked. She also remembers the last time that she was pregnant, ending with a termination and Shula desperate for a baby – how can she face them?