Tim tells Nigel the news about their baby

Radio Times: Siobhan is poker-faced.

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  • Susan’s busy knitting baby clothes while serving in the shop and Joe is forced to wait a moment (while she finishes a line), when she refuses to tell him who it’s for, he jumps to a few conclusions (failing to notice that when Nigel comes in she hides everything away). Of course, he tells Eddie and, later in the pub, they confront Neil with lots of digs and “you sly old dog”-type remarks. Of course, Neil knows nothing and is sure they’re being daft (not to mention fearing that it could be true) – but a small part of him is disappointed that Susan didn’t tell him first. There’s a simple explanation, Susan isn’t pregnant (and would have told him if she had been) but Julia had been having so many problems knitting her shawl that she felt that a little outside help was required!
  • Rain puts harvest on hold and worried Eddie, who’s relying on the contract work to get some money to repay the lender before the interest starts to be due.
  • Nigel’s been trying to get hold of Tim and Siobhán, but while she has been at home, she’s not been answering the phone or door. She’s trying to put the miscarriage behind her but Tim’s stiff upper lip is starting to soften, but she prefers the stoic approach. Tim eventually catches up with Nigel and they go for a drink and in a quiet corner the bombshell is dropped. Nigel is deeply saddened, but is the understanding shoulder than Tim seems to need and offers his every sympathy. Tim’s unloads some of the distress which he doesn’t think he can give to his wife, who seems to be able to put it behind her more effectively than he can.