Clarrie can take no more.

Radio Times: Jim and Christine enjoy a day out, while Clarrie feels under the spotlight.

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  • Clarrie finds it hard to cope with Jake and Mia, who have come to lunch with Will, while Nic is at The Bull. Eddie has binned the free paper, which is carrying the story, and warns Will not to mention it. In an effort to cheer Clarrie up, Eddie suggests taking Jake and Mia to the Lower Loxley Garden Festival. Reluctantly, Clarrie agrees.
  • Lower Loxley is clearly a popular venue; Jim is taking Christine so that they can get some ideas for the Open Gardens. They too have seen the Courier’s story about the E. coli outbreak, but Christine’s first thoughts are for Peggy.
  • Nic looks forward to a child-free few hours. She and Will go for a walk, then return to dismantle the scarecrows. Will wants to know where Kenton has sourced the crayfish that are now on the menu at The Bull, and refuses to let the matter drop when Nic says she has no idea.
  • Clarrie manages to enjoy looking at the stalls, until she and Eddie run into Jim and Christine. It seems that Chris is not aware of Clarrie’s role in the E. coli outbreak, and she puts her foot firmly in it, mentioning the courier story.
  • Jim suggests several things for Chris’s garden, but she is more concerned about her fence, until Jim offers to mend it for her.
  • Clarrie has had more than enough. She tells Eddie she will have to resign from Bridge Farm. Nothing will make her change her mind.

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