To sack Clarrie or not to sack Clarrie, that is the question; the battle lines are drawn at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Tom makes a stand, and Eddie is at his wits’ end.

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  • Yesterday’s splash in The Echo has served to convince Tom even more that publicly sacking Clarrie is the right way to cleanse Bridge Farm’s image. He is sounding off to Brenda in The Bull and, but for some quick thinking on her part, would have sounded off to Eddie too. Nic gives him even more ammunition by reporting a tourist who had earlier asked whether there was anything on the menu from “that E. coli farm”.
  • In a quieter corner, Brenda warns that he will have to be prepared for local hostility if they do go ahead and sack Clarrie. Brenda can see both sides but she does agree with Tom.
  • Meanwhile the steam cleaning is in progress. It won’t take long because the dairy is clean anyway. Nevertheless the firm recommends regular cleaning – they would, wouldn’t they.
  • Nic has called to try and cheer up Clarrie; it’s an uphill struggle. She is going to take some persuading to go to the Garden Festival. Strangely, she has not told Nic that she has had the all clear from the Environmental Health. Nor has she told Pat because she fears that Pat won’t want her back.
  • Meanwhile at Bridge Farm, Tom has initiated a family conference, albeit without Helen. Tom and Brenda say sack Clarrie; Tony and Pat say no. Cue the phone; it’s Clarrie with her good news but Pat can’t say anything until after the inspection. Can’t say anything, or won’t say anything? Clarrie fears the latter.

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