Pat faces the bleak prospect of litigation. Chris needs to think again.

Radio Times: The news gets worse for Pat, and Christopher has his fingers crossed.

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  • They knew that the E. coli would be in the paper today and there it is – all over the front page. Pat and Helen share their concern for the little girl whose school photo appears large on the page. Helen reports that, in the village shop, people have returned ice cream bought this week.
  • George and Will have found some dead pheasants, killed by a fox. Will intends to go out tonight with his gun to deal with the marauder. Meanwhile the whole family return to the woods and Nic declares that she feels really at home in the country now.
  • Chris got the expected answer from his bank manager: the requested loan is too big for the business to meet the repayments. The bank regards the business as secure and will support it – but not with such a large sum. The manager suggested an alternative approach: buy the core business but rent the premises, if Ronnie would go for that, with an option to buy later. Alice will continue to look for a summer job. Right now it’s time to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.
  • Pat has done the milking and is tired and in low spirits. Tony thinks they will be sued. Pat had looked forward to tomorrow’s steam cleaning as the first step of their recovery; if people got better they could be back on track in months. She certainly never expected to be in the position of being sued for hurting a child. This could go on for years.

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