Clarrie comes clean about the tea pot but Eddie has it fixed so Ruth has to pretend she didn’t hate it after all.

Radio Times: Eddie’s good intentions go to pot.

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  • Vicky gets the idea that she will make the new guy since Sabrina Thwaite is ill. She and Phoebe are going to make a guy with all of Mike’s old clothes. It’s going to be a big bonfire this year. Mike isn’t keen on all his old favourites being thrown out, especially when Vicky threatens him with a shopping trip.
  • Peggy still assumes Lilian is just on holiday though Pat sounds more suspicious. The village shop will be on the agenda for the next parish council meeting. Derek Fletcher sounds quite enthusiastic. Pat is less keen when Peggy suggests Susan for the Committee. Could be very awkward when it comes to talking about redundancy.
  • Clarrie finally comes clean that the teapot got broken. Just when Ruth has finally convinced her she hated the wretched thing, Eddie appears with it fixed perfectly – even the old crack Josh caused. No one has the heart to tell him.

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