Lilian calls Russell in desperation and he tells her it’s up to her to get him back.

Radio Times: Lilian calls in the experts.

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  • Helen is worrying about Annette; she is worried about losing her job. Maybe inviting her on a date with Leon is going a bit far. But Leon decides that if Annette won’t go on the date, he will cheer her up by having cocktails at the flat. She is persuaded to talk a bit about some good times in France and she seems more cheerful.
  • Peggy is still worrying about Lilian. No one has heard from her and Pat is trying to convince herself it’s just because they are enjoying their holiday. Pat is still worried about having Susan on the Committee for the shop – could be so counter productive. Jennifer agrees she will do the necessary liaison.
  • Lilian is having no better time in Costa Rica. She has got desperate enough to call Russell. He tells her he must persuade him – if he doesn’t come back it’s either a long sentence or exile. And what will she do – is flying between London and there? It’s up to her.

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