Clarrie ends up in tears.

Radio Times: Clarrie ends up in tears.

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  • David’s shouldering the blame for the pneumonia affecting the calves due to his mishandling of the ventilation of the shed, but while it’s serious the anti-biotics should clear it all up soon. The night, though, was exhausting and lambing’s still to come.
  • At last, though, peace is breaking out at Brookfield. Phil and David are working together without bickering and, importantly, David and Ruth have decided that they think they can reduce their personal expenditure by 30-40%. Phil would like them to try for as much as possible, but is happy with the deal. Jill’s delighted at the compromise and the end to warring menfolk.
  • Not so much calm and tranquility at Grange Farm though. Joe’s firmly in the bad books. In the first instance he’s (surprise, surprise) broke and can’t refund Ruth the money for the cushion she’s returned, so Clarrie gives him the £25, but later discovers that, because she was too busy to make him lunch, he’d spent some of it in the shop on pies – and hadn’t paid the debt. She’s furious, which gets worse when he discovers her filling in the family credit application form and refuses to allow her to continue, not wanting the Grundys to live off the parish. This is the last straw for Clarrie who really lets rip at him and the rest of the family, that she’s the one who scrimps, saves, makes do and that she’s sick of the lot of them, having reached the end of the line.