Bridge farm sausages are a success.

Radio Times: Bridge farm sausages are a success.

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  • Marjorie’s still having trouble getting used to life with Portia, finding that she’s rattling round a house that seems all the larger now and how she’s had no-one in the flat since Richard lived there. Later, in the pub, she and Hayley are having a drink and Hayley’s outlining her frustration at driving all the way to Brum on a regular basis. No connection between the two is drawn. Yet.
  • Hayley asks Sid if she could market test the different flavours of sausages in the Bull, seeing as she would give him them for nothing Sid’s fine with the idea!
  • Eddie’s up to something. Firstly he doesn’t want to tell Clarrie why he needs the van. Then he not only wants Sid to give her more hours, but he wants to collect her wages – in advance! Sid takes some persauding, but relents eventually because, combined with Joe’s pension (less his debt to Ruth) Eddie buys her a washer-drier. Clarrie’s not so worried about the downside of working extra hours, and Joe’s got a new Family Credit form, so her little hissy fit yesterday seems to have shaken a few heads in a positive way.