Helen insists that the sausage enterprise should go on hold.

Radio Times: Helen insists that the sausage enterprise should go on hold.

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  • Tommy’s impatient to talk with Pat about her and Tony’s decision over their financing of the sausage venture. Pat can see that speed is of the essence, but Helen overhears the end of the conversation and suggests, after Tommy leaves, that while he and Hayley are being very enterprising, the pork will be seen as a Bridge Farm product and might it be better postponed until they have completed the re-branding of their products? (Something that Pat admits to being long overdue.)
  • Alistair is enjoying married life – although Daniel is still being a little pain. Various parents around the village try to ease his mind by telling him it’s probably only a phase and it’ll only last about twenty years!
  • Sid tells Hayley that the sausages were a great success and they might want them for the restaurant. Hayley tells this to Tommy, who tries to tell this to Pat as a great reason for going forward now. Pat, though, has bought into Helen’s viewpoint about waiting and Tommy is not impressed, to say the least. He can’t see what it’s got to do with Helen, who’ll be swanning off to Africa soon anyway.
  • Helen also voices some concerns about Hayley, about whether she’s an employee of the farm or a partner; what exactly is her status, seeing as how she isn’t actually family – even if she seems to be treated as one.
  • Tommy tells Hayley of this conversation and she tells him that maybe this is all because of her and Helen not getting on. Tommy’s quite defensive and is adamant that she’s part of the farm now and his sister will just have to lump it.