Brian tastes victory.

Radio Times: Brian tastes victory.

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  • Helen’s leaving for college this afternoon, having sown plenty of seeds of discontent at Bridge Farm – Tommy’s been sulking all weekend. She does have a few ideas for new product labels which she had a design student friend knock up – some of them really impress Pat and she wants her to investigate taking them further. After bidding a tearful farewell to her mother, her parting words are to make sure that Tommy understands he has to wait for finance ….
  • Eddie calls on Neil and, between them, they laugh their way through some particularly juicy segments of Julia’s book that Susan has brought home to proof. Eddie’s reason for being there is to pass on the news that Tony’s done his back in again and might need help with the leeks – if Neil’s available. Eddie’s on his way to Home Farm to eat humble pie and ask Brian if he’s got any more hedging work going (he does, as it ahppens).
  • Meanwhile Clarrie is getting Pat to fill in some of the family credit form. Another worry on her horizon is William’s upcoming sixteenth birthday – he wants a shotgun.