Eddie scents trouble.

Radio Times: Eddie scents trouble.

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  • Eddie’s good news with the hedging is quickly negated by his trimmer developing a problem and the supplier not having a part for a week and the rent being due and this hedging being a significant part of the money to pay the rent and, surprise, surprise, the Grundys need some fast cash ……
  • Clarrie, in her own way of trying to find this money, goes to Susan to check her family credit form and realises that there’s a whole section of the form missing. She needs Joe’s filing cabinet (aka a shoebox) for the last six months’ receipts …
  • Susan’s worried about her surgery job, a new doctor is due to arrive this week and she’s no clue as what he’ll do with the existing surgery staff.
  • George is starting to look forward to his retirement, apparently a keeper by the name of Carl Swift is lined up to take over.
  • Ruth’s been shopping to the discount supermarket but David’s still not happy, although when she rebutts his observations as to the amount of ready meals with her not having time to cook, he relents a bit. George, overhearing a bit of the argument, suggests that cutting out one of their cars might help. No, of course, the argument turns to which. Ruth’s is economic and has a large boot but David’s, well, David’s car is, apparently, cooler ….