There is little taste, thanks to David.

Radio Times: There is little taste, thanks to David.

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  • Sid’s grumpy with Kathy because, for one day only, she’s doing some supply teaching. She suspects that it’s as much because it disrupts his exercise regime as for his excuses about the effects on Jamie. While she’s out though, a very large, heavy box appears which he’s being cagey about – it could be a mystery birthday present …
  • Eddie’s heading round the village trying to sell prime cow manure as fertiliser, Lizzie’s not sure, but Sid’s tempted, not least because they might need it be he knows the problems that the Grundys are currently facing.
  • Ruth and David still can’t decide over which car should get the chop, with David providing stiff resistance over his car – citing the fact that he gave up his big tractor last year – is he to have no toys left?
  • Lizzie’s contacting people with upcoming bookings at Lower Loxley to warn them of possible scaffolding – if not actual disruption,
  • As part of the economising, David suggests more homecooking, but when challenged, his efforts at a Shepherds’ Pie are a little bit of a failure.