Clarrie has started a petition against the Bridge Farm development.

Radio Times: Clarrie catches the fighting spirit.

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  • Pat has sent of her letter to the Planning Department. But it’s not just the cost to the business. It’s all the memories from when the children were young that would be lost.
  • George seems to be getting more and more demanding. Emma and Susan have commented on the amount of chocolate he seems to be eating.
  • Oliver tastes the new version of Sterling Gold made with Brookfield milk but he isn’t impressed. It just tastes bland to him. Still, Helen convinces him it’s worth trying on a few more customers in the shop. Maybe they could sell it as Sterling Silver or similar to keep the brand alive.
  • Clarrie has decided to start a petition against the development at Bridge Farm. She even wants Jolene to put up a copy on the bar at the Bull which doesn’t impress Lilian. She is keeping out of it. But Oliver signs and says she can take a copy up to the Grey Gables staff.
  • William is fed up that Brian seems to be taking over appointing the new assistant keeper. He obviously doesn’t trust him anymore. They are doing some more work on No.1 and George is playing up again. Clarrie is shocked to see William bribing George with buttons.

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