Clarrie is determined to see Vicky off. Emma is determined to see Nic off.

Radio Times: Clarrie stakes her claim at the dairy and Elizabeth makes some strategic decisions.

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  • Emma has heard about Clarrie’s growing relationship with Nic, and has decided to do something about it. She calls to ask if she can do anything to help Clarrie, but meets with a cool response as Clarrie points out that the offer is far too late. She needed help when she was in plaster. Now she is in a rush to be early at Bridge Farm, to arrive before Vicky.
  • Worried that Vicky is trying to usurp her position at Bridge Farm, Clarrie wastes no time in finding fault with Vicky’s van loading. Vicky stands up for herself, claiming Clarrie’s list was confusing. Pat tries to restore harmony by asking Clarrie to help with the cheese-making while Helen is on maternity leave. Clarrie sees this as further evidence that Vicky is taking over, but Pat reassures her; Vicky will be leaving on Friday. A relieved Clarrie offers to make a celebratory cake.
  • Elizabeth is early at work, too. She asks David to take charge of outdoor matters, to his relief. Lewis confides his worries about her to David; Elizabeth is far too fragile to be working so hard.

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