Clarrie is dismayed to hear Ed’s news and wants understand it.

Radio Times: The wanderers return to Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • Returning home, Eddie is glad to put the luggage down, loaded as it is with presents, mostly liquid ones. There is a present for Fallon too, so Joe cannot avoid telling them how things are with her and Edward, before he goes out, complete with buttonhole, with Mildred.
  • Now Kenton may have assumed otherwise but David has decided to split the family and join Mike’s Roundhead tug o’ war team. He and Ruth agree that they should try to support Pat and Tony by attending the Planning Committee meeting next week, as Pat has asked. More immediately, when is Adam going to cut their barley?
  • Joe’s day out is a mixed experience: Mildred’s driving makes the journey something of a white-knuckle ride; on the other hand the company is good.
  • Meanwhile Clarrie takes an early opportunity to ask Ed about his break-up with Fallon. She gets little out of him beyond his conviction that Fallon doesn’t need him messing up her life and is better off without him.

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