Friction’s in the air at Home Farm and at the Bull.

Radio Times: Things are looking up for Will.

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  • Jennifer finds Brian struggling with the boxes containing the bench. He wants Ruairidh to help him erect it. Jennifer is hurt and angry, especially when Brian uses the excuse that Adam and the farm workers are too busy harvesting to help him.
  • Roy brings his ‘girls’ for a drink at the Bull, where Fallon is in very low spirits. Will rings, and agrees to meet Roy for a drink. When he arrives, and Hayley has left to take the children home, Roy comments that Will seems much happier. Will now thinks that everything happens for a reason. He’s even pleased that Joe and Mildred have struck up a close friendship, but when Roy suggests that he join Ed on the Roundhead team for the Tug O’ War, Will is less cheerful. He’ll opt for the Cavaliers team.
  • Jennifer meets the archaeologist, who proposes a volunteer dig at the site of the skeleton find. By this time Ruairidh is bored with the bench, and pleased to see Jennifer, but when he tells her the tree they are putting the bench around is ‘Mummy’s tree’, Jennifer explodes. Will Brian be renaming the picnic area the Siobhán Hathaway Memorial area?
  • Emma encounters Will at the Bull as she goes to collect her wages from Ian. It starts to rain, so Will asks her inside for a drink. Emma tries to tell Fallon she’s sorry to hear she’s split from Will, but gets an angry response.

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