Clarrie is furious with Eddie. Oliver is cross with Ed.

Radio Times: Eddie shows his real priorities.

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  • Oliver catches Ed with the morning-after look. He tells Ed the milk yield is down, and Ed should have noticed this sooner. He warns Ed not to let his social life get in the way of his work. A chastened Ed takes it to heart.
  • Nic tells Will that her ex-partner isn’t paying her maintenance. Will offers to help her, but Nic won’t hear of it. She’ll go and have it out with Andrew.
  • Clarrie is touched when Eddie treats her to a romantic anniversary meal at the Bull, but is worried when he tells her how desperate their finances are, with a slump in the turkey market. Her mood rapidly changes when they meet Ed, who has called in to watch the football with Eddie, as arranged. When Will and Nic appear with the same purpose, Clarrie is furious.
  • Alistair has had to drive up to Scotland to see his father, who’s broken his leg. He’s very worried about the old man, and can’t see how on earth he’s going to manage.
  • Ed has a bright idea. Why not resurrect the Grundy World of Christmas? Eddie’s all for it, but Clarrie is less than enthusiastic.
  • Nic is determined to get Clarrie on side. She burbles about it being wonderful to stay with the same partner for twenty-six years. In the light of her anniversary fiasco,Clarrie is not so sure.

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