Kathy hears some bad news. Lilian hears some worrying news. Alan hears some good news.

Radio Times: Lilian lays down the law.

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  • It’s a very tense time for Kathy, waiting to hear what Owen’s plea was. Kenton does his best to calm her, but it’s hard work. Calls from Lynda and Elizabeth don’t ease Kathy’s jitters.
  • Peggy goes into the church for a bit of peace and quiet while Jack is at the Day Centre. Alan senses that something is wrong, but they are interrupted by Lynda, full of plans for her Christmas concert. Alan ushers her into the Vicarage to give Peggy some space.
  • Lilian meets Peggy on her way to the shop. She insists that Peggy should come home with her for coffee and a chat. When Peggy admits that Jack is often restless at night, and that he was found wandering by Roy, Lilian realises that her mother cannot cope with the situation on her own. She leaves Peggy in the house while she goes to fetch Jack home.
  • Lynda has booked the Gospel Choir she reviewed for Borsetshire Life, and plans to ask the Cathedral School choir too. Alan thinks Fallon should be asked, too; it’s just the sort of project he had in mind when he proposed re-ordering the church.
  • At last Kathy gets the call she’s been waiting for. Owen has entered a plea of Not Guilty, and will come up for trial in April. But meanwhile, he’s applied for a lifting of his bail restrictions. Kathy is terrified, but both Kenton and Lynda assure her that she is quite safe with them.

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