Pip worries about the environment. Kathy worries about Owen’s return.

Radio Times: A breakdown is on the cards for Kathy.

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  • Ruth tells Jill that her mother will be coming for Christmas. Jill’s sorry they’ll be away, but still wants to make the Christmas puddings. Meanwhile Pip gives Phil some lessons in emailing, so he can keep in touch while on holiday.
  • Kathy goes Christmas shopping, assuring Kenton she’ll be fine on her own. But when her car breaks down on the bypass, and while she waits for Kenton to come, a motorist stops to offer help, Kathy has a major panic attack, and screams at the man to go away.
  • Pip is worried about the environment. She thinks they should offset Phil and Jill’s carbon footprint, but she’s worried about the farm, too. Ruth reminds her that their extended grazing programme and reduction in nitrate use is a big step in the right direction.
  • Kenton takes Kathy home, leaving her car in the lay-by. She is beside herself with fear, convinced that Owen will come for her. Nothing Kenton can say has any effect.

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