Kathy knows she is getting into a state about Taylor but doesn’t know what to do about it.

Radio Times: The temperature drops for Kathy.

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  • The heating at Lower Loxley seems to have broken and Kathy seems to think it was her that has broken it. Nigel meanwhile has bought his shire horse and is more interested in that than that Kathy is obviously in a state. Pat tries to talk to Nigel about it and he says he’d be happy to give her time off but she doesn’t want it. It’s clear she isn’t coping though.
  • Pip is getting into a state about her course work but seems to forget that when it comes to making the Christmas puddings instead. Then she announces that she is joining the Young Farmers to get some action.
  • Kathy has a chat with Pat. She knows she is getting into a state but doesn’t know what to about it. Her real worry is that she can’t forgive herself for not reporting the rape and so Taylor went on to rape someone else. Pat tries to convince her she shouldn’t feel guilty but Kathy says she just does.

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