Clarrie takes charge of the family conference. Betty has a new dancing partner.

Radio Times: The battle lines are drawn at Ambridge View.

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  • Betty seizes the opportunity to practise her dance routine during a lull in trading at the shop, and enlists Oliver’s help.
  • The family conference over George’s future begins with Will and Emma at one another’s throats, with hostile jibes from Ed for good measure. Susan proves ineffectual, but Clarrie soon has the discussion under control.
  • Betty admits that she’s going to find Christmas quiet, but has decided to do a big family dinner on the 19th, before Phoebe goes to South Africa. Meanwhile, Oliver’s dancing skills impress her greatly.
  • After much ill-feeling, it’s agreed that Will can have George overnight on Saturdays, returning him on Sunday evening, and on his half-day. He’s a bit miffed to find Clarrie taking Emma’s side when she points out that his work pattern won’t make access easy, but he accepts what she says with rather bad grace. Emma’s argument is that irregular access days will make it hard for her to find work, but Will says he’ll pay full maintenance – which is more than his brother could manage. An upset Ed has to get back to work.
  • Oliver sees that Ed is upset, and tells him he’ll always have a job at Grange Farm. He tries to make Ed see that he’s accepted there, but Ed realises it has made Caroline and Oliver take sides.
  • Betty brings a casserole round to the caravan, and finds Emma in tears. The divorce petition has arrived, and she thinks Will has turned into a monster. Everyone hates her and Ed. Betty does her best to console Emma.

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