Lynda gets bossy. Susan gets moralistic. Neil gets put in his place.

Radio Times: Susan prepares for crisis talks.

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  • Lynda has the Christmas Show firmly in hand, and gives Usha her instructions for props. Usha has other things on her mind, though – a quiet meal with Alan at the Bull – so isn’t terribly interested in Lynda’s ideas. Oddly, nor is Neil, who tells Lynda he can’t stay and hear her instructions for the set – he’s off to help David and Eddie with the George Barford Memorial Bridge.
  • Neil, David and Eddie get stuck in to constructing the supports for the bridge, while Ruth and Usha have a girly chat about the new man in Usha’s life. Usha admits that while she loved Ashok, he didn’t light her fire in the way Alan does; he’s so much fun. Ruth says, rather wistfully, that he’s very sexy.
  • Susan interrupts the bridge building with a phone call to tell Neil that Will has agreed to a meeting with Emma and Ed about access to George. Susan is much relieved; maybe this is the way forward.
  • Seeing Usha and Alan in the Bull, Susan remarks to Neil that Alan’s relationship not very suitable for a Vicar. Neil doesn’t share her view, but is pleased about the meeting to discuss George – until Susan tells him that his part will be to look after George while the women sort things out.

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